What Are the Benefits of Traditional Braces?

December 14, 2023

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Are you dealing with a smile that’s crooked or has gaps? Choosing the most suitable teeth-straightening method amidst various alternatives can be daunting. Despite the rise in popularity of clear braces, traditional metal braces continue to offer numerous benefits. If you’re considering teeth straightening treatment, delve into the following four reasons why orthodontists might suggest traditional braces as the ideal choice.

#1: They Are Not Removable

Embracing braces presents a spectrum of pros and cons, shaped by individual preferences and requirements. Clear aligner users need to dedicate 20-22 hours daily to wearing them. Yet, the flexibility of removing them for snacks occasionally results in forgetfulness about putting them back in place.

In contrast to clear aligners, traditional braces don’t require the same degree of self-discipline, as they remain fixed in place. Nevertheless, maintaining good oral hygiene becomes more critical, demanding thorough cleaning efforts since traditional braces can’t be removed.

#2: Treatment Times Are Reduced

Metal braces exert greater force, offering a swifter treatment option for closing minor gaps or achieving rapid alignment. Conversely, clear aligners often entail approximately 40 trays and may involve additional adjustments, making metal braces a more fitting choice for specific cases.

#3: Responsibility Is Reduced for You

Ensuring adequate oral hygiene is crucial, irrespective of the chosen braces type. Traditional braces hold an advantage as they don’t need removal for meals or cleaning, streamlining the process. While Invisalign can be an excellent choice, occasional misplacement of aligners may result in treatment delays.

Selecting clear aligners may not be ideal for children with a tendency to frequently misplace items such as keys, phones, or the TV remote. Opting for traditional braces can alleviate the responsibility of keeping track of aligners, given that they are securely fixed in place.

#4: Superior Choice for Complex Issues

Individuals dealing with intricate orthodontic issues often find that metal braces are a more fitting choice. Clear aligners might face challenges in uniformly distributing pressure to the teeth, potentially limiting their effectiveness. When dealing with complex cases that require more flexibility and capability, brackets, like the ones in metal braces, are a better choice.

In summary, traditional metal braces and clear aligners each have their distinct advantages, catering to different situations. Seeking guidance from an experienced orthodontist can assist in identifying the most suitable treatment option tailored to your child’s specific needs, ensuring a successful path toward a beautiful smile!

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