In-House Membership Plan—Sachse, TX

Spend Less, Get More, & Smile Brighter
Don’t have dental insurance?
Can’t find a plan that works for you?
Self-employed or retired?

If any of these apply, know that our In-House Membership Plan was designed with you in mind. It allows patients at Sachse Family Dentistry to easily afford the routine and specialty procedures they desire without having to rely on ever-changing and unhelpful dental insurance. Once you join, you’ll have immediate access to FREE exams, FREE X-rays, and even be entitled to a 20% discount on ALL other services.


No Deductibles

No Denied Claims

No Waiting Periods

No Phone Trees

No High Premiums


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It’s refreshingly simple—after you sign up and pay for a membership plan, you’ll immediately have access to a broad selection of fully covered services and receive sizeable discounts on many others (including ones that are typically ignored by regular insurance). Every time you visit Sachse Family Dentistry, savings from your plan will be automatically applied. It’s all handled in-house, meaning you’ll never have to wait for approvals or claims to be filed again.


How Our Plan Benefits You

Man holding pill and glass of water

Our In-House Membership Plan helps patients save money in two distinct ways. The first is the most direct—our plan costs notably less compared to the most popular dental insurance policies.

Secondly, our plan enables people to keep up with their routine care, which helps our team find and treat minor problems before they turn into big, expensive emergencies. Over time, this not only leads to better health and a more attractive smile, but also significantly less spent on dental care. This prevention-first approach has been shown time and time again to help people literally avoid tens of thousands of dollars in treatments.

Plus, if you ever have a question or issue, you won’t be stuck on the phone for hours trying to talk to your insurance company. All you have to do is reach out to our friendly team, and we’ll take care of you in a fraction of the time.

What Our Patients Think

"They are awesome! Very clean environment and the staff are really caring and welcoming. Dr. Rottman is friendly..."

Selam S., Sachse, TX

"Dr. Rottman was great! He sat with me and asked me my concerns and anything I wanted to address."

Sara W., Wylie, TX