Can Orthodontics Work with Dental Implants?

November 17, 2023

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A dentist working with a large dental implant model

If you just got a dental implant, you likely feel pretty good. That’s only natural – your new prosthetic has restored your smile! Now, though, you might ask yourself: “Can I get orthodontic treatment with dental implants?” Since they’re artificial, these replacement teeth may seem like obstacles to a straight grin. Well, the truth is that orthodontics can (and will) work with your implants. Learn how that’s possible in this summary from your local Sachse orthodontist.

Are Orthodontics & Implants Compatible?

Unlike what you may think, you can get braces (or aligners) with dental implants. These two procedures are compatible with each other.

An implant may not be natural, but it shouldn’t disrupt orthodontic work. The latter will still give you aligned teeth in the usual amount of time. That said, much will depend on when your implant was placed. Whether it can hold steady during the straightening is also key.

How Would Treatment Work?

While implants won’t conflict with an orthodontic treatment, they will affect how it goes. That means there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, the alignment process won’t move your implant. This prosthetic is fused to your jawbone, so it’ll always stay in its current place. Only your natural teeth will move, as the fleshy periodontal ligament supports them.

Next, your implant may need to serve as an anchor point. It would then provide the force required to move surrounding teeth. (Alternatively, the orthodontist can focus on other areas. That way, your teeth won’t be forced into alignment with the implant.)

Why Bother with Orthodontics?

Even when you have implants, orthodontics is still a good option. It offers excellent perks like:

  • A Prettier Smile – By aligning your teeth, orthodontics gives you a straight and pretty smile. You’d then feel more confident and at ease in social settings.
  • Easier Oral Care – It’s much easier to brush and floss well-aligned teeth. Given this fact, orthodontics can reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Less Jaw Pain – In reality, an uneven bite can cause your jaw to ache from excess pressure. However, orthodontics would put your teeth and jaws in the right position. From there, you’d have less jaw pain.

Indeed, you can get orthodontic treatment with dental implants. That being the case, visit your local practice to align your now-restored smile!

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