4 Kinds of Tooth Pain, and What They Mean

March 30, 2023

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If you have a toothache, your priority will likely be to relieve the pain. However, it’s important to understand the cause of the pain. Dental pain indicates an underlying issue that needs attention and you will need to visit an emergency dentist to receive prompt treatment. To help you communicate better with your dentist and expedite treatment, continue reading to learn about four types of toothaches and what they may signify.

#1: Sensitivity

Feeling discomfort when biting into something hot or cold may indicate tooth sensitivity caused by minor enamel erosion. Sensitivity toothpaste may be able to help treat it. However, severe sensitivity could be a sign of a cavity or even a cracked tooth. It’s important to consult a dentist if the sensitivity persists or worsens.

#2: Dull, Consistent Pain

Constant pain in your teeth may indicate various issues, such as something stuck in your teeth or gums, or teeth grinding, which can exert pressure on your teeth. To rule out any foreign objects, examine your teeth closely. If you suspect grinding, consult with a dentist to explore treatment options.

#3: Severe, Throbbing Pain

A persistent throbbing pain is a clear indication of a deep-rooted tooth infection or an abscess caused by the infection, which can intensify your discomfort. This type of infection is extremely severe and requires immediate medical attention to prevent it from spreading.

#4: Sharp Pain

If you experience a sudden, sharp pain, it may indicate a crack or fracture in your tooth, or a lost crown or filling. All of these issues require immediate attention. Therefore, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible if you feel this kind of pain.

Remember that while these different types of tooth pain can give you an idea of what might be going on in your mouth, the best way to get an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment is to see a dentist. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you’re experiencing tooth pain of any kind so they can help you get your beam back on track!

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