Can I Play Musical Instruments with Braces?

November 4, 2022

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A common question patients ask as they are getting ready to start orthodontic treatment is whether they will be able to continue playing their musical instruments. While braces don’t generally impact those who play string instruments or percussion, musicians with instruments in the woodwind or brass family may have some concerns. Continue reading to learn more about how musical instruments are impacted by braces and some tips that may help from your dentist in Sachse.

Is There an Adjustment Period for Playing Musical Instruments with Braces?

You can certainly continue to play your instrument even after you get braces. However, depending on the instrument you play, you may have to take some extra time to get used to them. If you play the flute or piccolo, braces shouldn’t pose an issue, but it may take a couple of days to adjust to how it feels when you play. For those who play other woodwind instruments like the clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, or oboe, you may have a few days where you will need to readjust.

Musicians who play brass instruments like the French horn, tuba, trombone, or trumpet may need to take a little bit longer to acclimate to the way air flows now. You may need two weeks to completely adjust to the changes, according to your dentist in Sachse.

Tips for Playing a Musical Instrument with Braces

Here are a few tips that may help you while becoming accustomed to wearing braces in Sachse as you play your instrument:

  • Practice More Often: Once you get your braces put on, you could probably benefit from a little bit of extra practice. Even for a great musician, playing with braces can take some getting used to. It will probably feel uncomfortable at first against your lips, but after about a week of practicing, you will develop calluses on the inside of your lips which will make the discomfort dissipate.
  • Use Orthodontic Wax: When you get your braces, be sure you get some orthodontic wax to use. If there is a part of your braces that might irritate your lips when you press the instrument to your mouth, place a little bit of wax in that spot. In doing so, you are far less likely to have to need to deal with sores on your lips.
  • Prepare to Use More Breath: Many musicians, especially those who play woodwind instruments, come to realize that they need to use more breath while playing with braces. This may be an adjustment you need to make.
  • Consider Clear Aligners: If you really feel like braces will cause a problem when it comes to playing your musical instrument, consider getting clear aligners instead.

All it takes is some patience, practice, and adjusting as needed when you begin to play your musical instrument with braces. By considering these tips, you’ll be making beautiful music again before you know it!

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